Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Apple granted 12 patents and 2 design patents - July 19, 2011

Among other things, two things have been primarily keeping folks at Apple busy for the last few months. One is Innovation and the other is Litigation. The lawsuits filed against HTC have generated a lot of interest and many experts in the domain have started speculating about Apple's strategy in the coming few months. In the meanwhile, Apple has ensured that its inventors have been busy doing what they do the best - getting more patents!

Apple was granted a total of 12 patents and 2 design patents on July 19, 2011. The list of patents have been provided below:

US7,984,385Regular sampling and presentation of continuous media stream 
US7,984,384Web view layer for accessing user interface elements
US7,984,377Cascaded display of video media 
US7,984,338Program counter (PC) trace 
US7,984,320Silent time tampering detection 
US7,984,317Hardware-based power management of functional blocks
US7,984,274Partial load/store forward prediction 
US7,984,065Portable browsing interface for information retrieval 
US7,983,307Communication apparatus and communication method 
US7,983,300Method and apparatus for measuring bandwidth 
US7,982,796Track for improved video compression 
US7,982,548Resonant oscillator with oscillation-startup circuitry 

The above list includes a total of 5 continuation, one divisional, and one continuation-in-part.

The two design patents are:
D641,762Graphical user interface for a display screen or portion thereof
D641,693Electronic device

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