Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Catch 22 in a Recent Copyright Infringement

This entry is not about the famous novel by Joseph Heller but is about an alleged copyright infringement in Finland that very nicely summarizes the catch-22 situation that Heller wrote about in his novel. 

Most of you would be aware of the famous torrent site “Pirate Bay” that facilitates peer-to-peer sharing of torrent files. "Pirate Bay" has often been the target of various anti-piracy groups and "Pirate Bay" is no stranger when it comes to fighting claims of copyright infringement. However, in early February this year, it was "Pirate Bay" which was doing the suing. What makes the entire situation even more interesting and hilarious is the fact that the one getting sued is "CIAPC", a Finnish "anti-piracy" group. 

How can this be possible, one may ask! Well, CIAPC copied the design of Pirate Bay website including the CSS stylesheet for an anti-piracy campaign. Not surprisingly, Pirate Bay’s usage policy prohibits organizations from using any site material without permission. If Pirate Bay is able to successfully assert its claim, the anti-piracy group may just have to pay and in case Pirate Bay loses, there will be at least one precedent that says that copyrights are invalid! A catch-22 situation indeed!

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