Friday, 20 January 2012

The case of missing files at IPO - Registered Trade Marks

The CGPDTM issued a notice on 19th January 2012 that most of the missing files have been reconsititued and records have been updated. Last year, the office had notified to the public that 44,404 files were missing and requested inputs from registered proprietors and trademark agents to help the office to reconstitue the missing files. 

The number of missing files now stands at 47. Though, everyone would agree that 47 definitely is a better number than 44,404 in the present case, the question that needs attention is "What steps has the office taken to ensure that such incidents don't happen again?" Digitization is definitely the answer and the way ahead, but have enough steps been taken to protect the data from unauthorized access and appropriate backup sites been created in case of a breakdown or loss of data at a hosting sites due to unseen circumstances?

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